5 Tips To Mitigate DDoS Attacks

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5 tips to mitigate DDoS attacks

Technology today has taken a big place in our lives. Many businesses are running pure digital. Although it has made the transactions easy and convenient, the major issue that occurs is ‘Security’. Everything comes with two sides i.e. pros and cons. With the rise of technology, hackers are also polishing their skills.

One of the possible harmful attacks they do to your business is DDoS, an acronym for ‘Distributed denial of service’. It is a process where your business is interrupted online by creating traffic through various sources to access the important information.

These attacks can be stressful and scary for the victims experiencing it for the first time. Generally, it is done through emails, websites, and social media. Here we are sharing 5 tips to mitigate such attacks:

  1. Try to be alert about attacks

    Try to be alert about attacks

    The earlier you know the most you can save. The best way you can be alert is to make yourself familiaris e about the usual traffic and keep an eye on when the profile is changed.

    It is also advised to keep a person having a knowledge about DDoS who can help you as the ‘first aid’ at the time of any attack.

  2. Classify the type of the attack

    Classify the type of the attack

    Identify what type of attach it is. Is it slow/low or volumetric? If it is high on volume, your service provider needs to take remediation actions as soon as possible. If it’s slow, he will get enough time to prepare better for the solution.

  3. Help from your Hosting provider

    Help from your Hosting provider

    After being self-alert the other step that could be taken is to ask help from your hosting or ISP provider. Always keep the important emergency numbers for that. You get the benefit of a wider bandwidth if you are located in a hosting centre. The provider detects the attack before you know it. It is also very important to log in to your router as soon as possible to avoid the traffic getting onto your network.

  4. If that doesn’t work, call ‘DDoS’ specialist

    call DDoS specialist

    If your company is too large and you are facing larger attacks, call the specialist. They are a pro in their field. They consist of bigger contacts, high standard infrastructure and a lot of technicians. The big companies transfer the traffic to mitigating companies as early as they see any attack.

    Although you will be charged well for this, it’s totally worth it.

  5. Identify your customers

    Identify your customers

    Always know your customers. Keep a limited ground of geography for your business. Any transaction coming out from an area totally unexpected, lock it out then and there only. Lastly, also measure how your finances are going to be affected if you keep your business offline for some time.

    The above are some measures that could be taken to keep your business away from DDoS attacks. You can definitely cover your systems yourself by being alert and taking preventive actions but when the situation reaches the high level, it is always advised to call a specialist.

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